Sunday, 17 June 2007

I'd give it 10 years if I was you?

Glastonbury Media Clichés pt 2

The toilets

What is the media’s obsession with the Glasto toilets? I did a check ( a log book if you will )this weekend and forgive me for this I’ve been about 7-8 times, total time what 5-10 mins tops in over 48 hours. So attending to ones toilet is a minor day to day problem so why the 62,900 mentions of the festivals toilets on Google?

Of course they are a bit rough and ready, although some are better than the average town centre pub’s ones come 10 pm on Friday. Most festival goers just bite the bullet use them and get on with having a good time. It’s only for a weekend. But no the media go on and on about them , they even run stories solely about the bogs. It’s deeply strange and ever so slightly Freudian.
Oh and wash your hands!

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