Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Summary of Some Summery Summer stuff

Tired of those boring list of things you must have/do particularly as they randomly dump on stuff you like because it’s not A: expensive. B: on sale in New York C: more than a month old.

After some inspiration from here. I humbly offer some suggestions take them up or don’t or suggest some of your own or don’t. It is the summer let’s enjoy it.

The new HEM ep: Do yourself a favour and get the new HEM songs. Try their first cd rabbit songs (yes I know it’s a crap title) it’s a good way in or their ep of covers I'm Talking with My Mouth (2002). You won’t regret it. Promise.

Old Sharpe: Have enjoyed UK History reshowing of Sharpe (from way back in 1993). Apart from being big dumb fun. A couple of things spring to mind, why do old programmes look old? Sometimes it must be old tapes etc making them look old but also fashions in lighting etc changing. Old Morse seem exist in pea soupers from the exessive use of smoke machines.
Another thing how many peak time ITV films would have long passages in subtitles these days. I’m sure (and maybe in later Sharpe’s they do this) now a days we would have some English thesp doing the full “allo, allo” rather than fine Spanish actress like Assumpta Serna.
The thing that saves Sharpe apart from having great characters (some who get shot in their first 5 minutes on screen) war is hell after all. No, the aspect that brings the whole thing a live is Sean “is tha owl or Blade” Bean because he takes it so seriously he carries it all, otherwise it would fall apart under the weight of the whole 10 extras running back forwards on some hill side in Portugal production values.

It’s good but would you join the S.A.S to express your love.

Youtube does answer the question on everyone’s lips who’d win in a fight between Sean Bean and Daniel Craig!

Now I am man I put aside childish things. I think along with olives, capers and of course anchovies, Campari separates the men for boys or broads from the babes. It’s a proper grown up drink, the perfect aperitif.
Campari and soda is the classic but I prefer it with either bitter lemon or grapefruit juice and lemonade plus big slices and big ices.

In Venice we had it with sparkling procesco and huge local olives. It’s a northern Italian thing, there’s a pleasingly large sign for it as you approach the Lido from Venice and it is the perfect thing to sip in your flannel suit as you watch lithe young things dance in the surf prior to having a brain haemorrhage (spoiler warning). WAITER!
Oh and the bottle’s looks cool too.

Bought a punnet of English strawbs this weekend added a splash of Campari (half a cap full) with castor sugar to let them macerate and mixed in some sponge, custard and cream to make an excellent trifle.

Found this site this week. What I like about it is that it’s just one page but it’s useful, if you want to know where the quote “badges, we don’t need no stinking badges” comes from or is quoted in popular culture, this is the page for you.

My tomatoes:
I made a mistake and fed them before they had set fruit (apparently everyone knows this) so they are a bit tall. I can see flowers so hopefully I may get fruit. My worry is my basil will go over before they have chance to meet on my plate. Boo!

Y tu mamá también by Alfonso Cuarón
I’m behind the curve on this, it came out 2001 but Film 4 had a gap between showing their usual 5 films and showed one, not in English. It’s a really cool sexy film with engaging characters and good pacing.

It helps that the lead actress Maribel Verdú is gorgeous and the two juveniles male lead are convincing too. The mock portentous voice over is a little over worked but the ending is very striking and moving.
More Spanish films please film 4 preferably not at time when I’m crying with tiredness. (NB. no one ever watches films they video or sky plus)

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Clair said...

I forgot how much I liked Campari with orange juice,and your trifle tip is more than a trifle good!