Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday petrol heads treats

rusty old ford
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Had an excellent time at Crystal palace yesterday at vintage motor rally , not a big petrol head (I've barely ever owned a car) but the rally was good fun sort of like of a village fete but with lots of curvy metal and not so many white elephant stalls.

There were all sorts of cars there including Citroens with far too many wheels, half our old set of scaletrix cars and of course all with their pleasingly obsessed owners, preeners, buffers and their long suffering other halves.

I love the curves and chrome and stickers you get on the older cars and the leery slightly wobbly plastic bonnet bling of the 80's escorts etc. Sadly my Galaxie 500 pic didn't come out hopeful R's new camera (that actually takes pictures of moving objects has some) anyway what time is Top Gear repeats on......
 More pics here

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Saturday Sun

jelly monster
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Happy birthday to my Godson A. He's springing up into a real smasher (like all my nieces and nephews obv. !) lovely arcadian day in E& R's clematis strewn garden eating jelly, drinking pop and glowing from the sun. Perfect!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Important Edwyn Collins News

Now it's all offical I can let you have some some exciting Edwyn Collins news. My excellent friend Liz is organising a literary festival in N16's fashionable Stoke newington and one of the many wonderfully events is a reading by Grace Maxwell of her book "Falling & Laughing " and alsothere will be some tunes from Edwyn!
Needless to say this will be great, so please come along tell your friends etc.

Saturday 5th June 5pm  Stoke Newington Town Hall (assembly hall)

here's were to get your tickets from

The rest of the festival is good too we've got Tonny Benn and Iain sinclair. shappi kohsandi Britian leading beer writer will be doing his beer thing. It will be great here's the full programme

If you click on edwyn label below you'll get all my ec witterings over the years

Stoke Newington Literary Festival

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

a New Dawn Fades

Well the inevitable has come to pass and the dreams of that bright sunny May morning all those years ago have crumbled from inside and from without. It's no consolation that whoever got in would have to make cuts as the failings of the financial system will hurt those it always hurts most those who have least! But the sun will rise tomorrow and the Tories shouldn't us stop making a difference to those we love, know, meet in the street, hear about on the telly. David Cameron and he fleshy Etons mates will be busy looking after their own interests it's what they done for last 1000 years so let's bugger them by living well and doing good.

If your feeling grumpy and want to grump some more here's a super bleak film I made when Boris got in  and having listened to it a couple of times I fancied cheering myself up so here's my favourite song ever. It's not that obscure or hard to find but it is my favourite song oh and Barney shorts might cheer you up anyway take care.  La Lucha Continua

Friday, 7 May 2010

a glass darkly : the day after

a glass darkly
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well woke up to a weird world today, took these pics yesterday and they oddly sum how things seem today

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election day and all that.

Been and voted got hundreds of goes what with the local election and having to choose a mayor and that, sort of makes it even more worthwhile and fun. Had to queue which is a good thing.People seemed excited chatting and joking.

Not for nothing on my way to vote in SE8 I did pass our new park, new health centre and then got on our new trainline so the current lot have been something for us regardless of what you hear.

Was thinking that being blase about voting is quite shallow when you consdier that my Grandmothers were born into a world where they coudln't vote and this was only a short time after all blokes finally got the vote. So voting is new cool thing really.
Oh and as someone earlier pointed out;
There should be sticker on the side of all ballot boxes
"this machine kills Fascist!"

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Green Man- bank Holiday fun

Green Man
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Had a marvelous time in Hastings at the Jack in the green celebration on Monday! Near perfect day out friends, beer, chips, seaside,giant dancing bushes!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Come' ron David get ya yah yahs out!

latest Cameron poster mash up from New Cross. Never thought he get more slimey but he get's grimmer by the day.