Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday petrol heads treats

rusty old ford
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Had an excellent time at Crystal palace yesterday at vintage motor rally , not a big petrol head (I've barely ever owned a car) but the rally was good fun sort of like of a village fete but with lots of curvy metal and not so many white elephant stalls.

There were all sorts of cars there including Citroens with far too many wheels, half our old set of scaletrix cars and of course all with their pleasingly obsessed owners, preeners, buffers and their long suffering other halves.

I love the curves and chrome and stickers you get on the older cars and the leery slightly wobbly plastic bonnet bling of the 80's escorts etc. Sadly my Galaxie 500 pic didn't come out hopeful R's new camera (that actually takes pictures of moving objects has some) anyway what time is Top Gear repeats on......
 More pics here


Cocktails said...

Forget the cars (great though that they sound) - did you take the new East London line?! Whilst enjoying its swish new orange interior on Sunday I noticed that it went all the way to Crystal Palace. I think a day trip to the dinosaurs is in order.

BLTP said...

I can't stop singing the praises of the eastlondon line make seeing 2 sets opf friends a dream (I cna whizz up to stokie and also up to crystal palace for film club) the park is really good dinosaurs, a maze buts of the old palace the museum good (open sunday I think) plus up in the centre of town the collectors market is fun with vinyl and tat in full effect)

Cocktails said...

And vinyl and tat is just my kind of thing!

BLTP said...

here's the website for the market