Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election day and all that.

Been and voted got hundreds of goes what with the local election and having to choose a mayor and that, sort of makes it even more worthwhile and fun. Had to queue which is a good thing.People seemed excited chatting and joking.

Not for nothing on my way to vote in SE8 I did pass our new park, new health centre and then got on our new trainline so the current lot have been something for us regardless of what you hear.

Was thinking that being blase about voting is quite shallow when you consdier that my Grandmothers were born into a world where they coudln't vote and this was only a short time after all blokes finally got the vote. So voting is new cool thing really.
Oh and as someone earlier pointed out;
There should be sticker on the side of all ballot boxes
"this machine kills Fascist!"


davy h said...

Just been too. Might keep 'em out in our manor, though it's touch and go. Not too happy about wider prospects : (

davy h said...

Er, that was : (

BLTP said...

DH: I know how you feel but we survived the Tories last time and there are fewer of them this time and Britain's not as broken as they make out. We are all skint but most people are nicer and more decent than the tories ever admit and this night may yet produce a better result than we could hope for.

davy h said...

I hope so dear boy, though I fears the werst.

btw I like how your sentence 'we survived the Tories last time and there are fewer of them this time' is the sort of thing Jean-Luc Picard would say in an episode featuring The Borg x