Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Important Edwyn Collins News

Now it's all offical I can let you have some some exciting Edwyn Collins news. My excellent friend Liz is organising a literary festival in N16's fashionable Stoke newington and one of the many wonderfully events is a reading by Grace Maxwell of her book "Falling & Laughing " and alsothere will be some tunes from Edwyn!
Needless to say this will be great, so please come along tell your friends etc.

Saturday 5th June 5pm  Stoke Newington Town Hall (assembly hall)

here's were to get your tickets from

The rest of the festival is good too we've got Tonny Benn and Iain sinclair. shappi kohsandi Britian leading beer writer will be doing his beer thing. It will be great here's the full programme

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Stoke Newington Literary Festival

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Pig State Recon said...

That first ORANGE JUICE 45 - "Blue Boy" b/w "Love Sick" - is up there with, like, THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND's Next LP as one of my favourite Glaswegian recs EVER. Cool that he's still doing it.