Tuesday, 4 December 2007

office lingo

Businesslike language

When did the phrase “going forward” as in “we will have low income yields going forward” come from, you hear it all the time what was wrong with “in the future” or “from now ”.

Does anyone else work with a Vietnam war vet?
I was in a meeting the other day with one bloke who used the following phrases.
“I’ll take point on this one” (watch out for the pits full of pointed bamboo whilst doing your power point)
“We don’t want to get stuck in a day long firefight on this one” (a bit of a debate with some clients)
“Going down in flaming burnout” (mix up over some meeting dates)
“Running air cover campaign (I think this was sending some leaflets)

He also came out with the classic recently after we had got some extra work at meeting about a press release.
“ I think we came back under shields not carried on top of them on this one”

Lastly it would much nicer in Spain where:
A flipchart pad is a "Bloco de Papel parra Cavalate de conferências"

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Planet Mondo said...

The one I hear on an almost hourly basis during office phone calls is "reach out" as in "have we reached out to them" "we need to reach out them"- gets me reaching out for the sick bag.