Monday, 17 December 2007

Little Drummer Boy .

Advent 17
World Premier(sort of) of New(ish) BLTP Film

Here’s a little Christmas present for you all, It’s already had advanced screenings as I posted it on You tube a few days ago, at one point it was the number 5 film in UK !It’s one of a number of films I’ve made over the years, I started out using super 8 and have moved onto digital (this was made on my £80 stills camera!) largely so my flat doesn’t get filled up with celluloid when I edit the things. One of my projects for next year is to digitise my super 8 projects so I can inflict them on a wider audience; Super 8 film is ideal for youtube being at best 3.50 mins long.

Anyway I made this festive tale of clockwork violence, poppers and extreme tangerine action as a Christmas card a year or so ago, youtube wasn’t quite what it is now then so I passed out cd copies to friends etc. The wonders of the digital age mean now over 1,000 people have at least clicked on it (even if they didn’t make it to the hilarious end titles!).

Anyway (again!)consider it my Christmas gift to the digital world, well the people who stumbled on this little corner of it looking for pictures of Julia Bradbury, cures for boils and of course cocking cinder toffee!

Oh and if you do watch it on youtube leave a message it cheers me up and boost my ratings.

The Little Drummer Boy a BLTP film


Planet Mondo said...

It's a winner Like koyanasqatsi meets Toy Story at Christmas. Looking forward to many more.

Have you heard Beck Little Drum Machine Boy ? I've got it tucked away somewhere if not.

BLTP said...

PM. Not sure I've heard Little drum machine boy. It was nice to hear low's version again when you are making films you get thoroughly pissed off with the soundtrack having to listen to it all the time whilst you edit.

ally. said...

you're a godam genius - only i wanted the robot to win. the penguin gets best actor. the reindeer was a little wooden (a little wooden...i sleigh my self sometimes.. sleigh my self...there's no stopping me today).
well done duckie

ally. said...

and for some reason i want a tangerine right now

BLTP said...

Thank you : normaly the robots always win in my films!