Sunday, 9 December 2007

Today's news

Reading the paper:
BNP Dancer
The racist senior ballerina Simone Clarke at Covent garden has been up to more of her evil nonsense.
The thing I've find most disconcerting about this is that she's still in post. That her fellow dancers haven' t just refused to work with her, I wouldn't want to be tarnished with her reputation and by continuing to work with her they are tacitly condoning her repugnant views.

Also what about the patrons of the ballet they are obviously happy with her activities, and what about the media, old Mozza says "you don't hear much English spoken in knightsbridge nowadays" and it's hold the front page. A senior publicly funded artist joins and runs the BNP and associated groups and it's OK.

She's obviously a sad mixed up and callous individual, who can square slagging off foreigners whilst taking part in an artform which is Russian and French in origin.

A load of Twoss
Jonathan Ross: The ho ha about JR crowing about his wages this week can be put against his increasingly rubbish chat show. The interview with Jerry Seinfeld on Friday night was rubbish, Ross claimed to be a fan but seemed to have nothing to ask Seinfield. Once JS had denied being exactly like his stage and screen persona JR kept going back to this seemingly out of desperation. I turned over half way through. It's shame as Ross' film and recent comic work is good, I just find his self obsessed chat shows tedious and his resorting to cheap smut faintly embarrassing. He's not worth the money few people are.

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