Monday, 24 December 2007



2007 so long and thanks for all the phishing

Here in the northern bit of the planet it’s dark most of the time which leads to retrospection, It’s apt to count your blessings at this time of year :

I started the year with less than positive prospects but have steered away from that hopefully and am in calmer waters ready to strike out to something better next year.

For all their help, love and support, I would like to thank a few people; obviously my family who have put up with me for quite a while now for which I am eternally grateful. My friends I would like to thank for their care, and especially this years for buying me drinks and just putting up with my gitishness.

I would also like to thank everyone online too for adding more fun, music, humour, random rage and good old fashion ideas to life, especially Miss woo, R&S, Ally, PM, DH oh and D&B plus many others who have entertained and inspired me.

So whether you kneel before a god or bow to no one, whether your are a rocker or a mod, an Durannie or Spandie, whether you dress to left or to the right and even those who can’t curl their tongues, have a great Christmas and a peaceful & exciting new year and hey let’s be careful out there and if you are going to Glossop put your money in your sock……. oh and don’t eat the yellow snow…….
Yours as ever BLTP

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