Monday, 28 May 2007

Mr "Boodaful" returns

Celebrity masterchef returns
Hurrah more competitive cooking

Some initial thoughts.
Q. “Sally Gunnel, why do you want to be on celebrity Masterchef?”
Real A. “Well Greg, I was a mediocre sports presenter so thought I’d give this a go.”
Oh and it turns out she’s bobbins at cooking too

Emma Forbes shouldn’t be on the programme as both she and her mum use to present cooking programmes

Cullen skink with sweet corn!!?


Anonymous said...

Yes, but Emma gets special dispensation for being very attractive.

BLTP said...

We went down this road with Nigella and look where we ended up, a load of soft focus camp nonsense combined with half hour long adverts for her upper middle class lifestyle. If we're choosing cookery presenters on looks where does that leave Gregg and Johnny boy, who as pointed out elsewhere look like two muppet characters, and for that matter the deflated toy troll wozzer.