Sunday, 18 March 2007

Barnstorming Wallis

Master Chef reheated:

Had a request for a review of the final. I missed it when it first went out on Thurs (I was at lecture) I caught it this afternoon, switching to and fro from the Grand Prix (Hamilmania anyone).
I have aired my doubts early in this blog about the format but in and of its self its perfectly fine tv. I think this series hasn't totally taken off due to poor quality of the cooks taking part. I think it was mistake to loose the garrulous Geordie David(?) as he had potential to do well.
Of the the finalists I think Steve Wallis was the obvious winner, the posh cheese shop owner Ben was too posh and couldn't make food tasty. The nervous "country lawyer" Hanna (which makes her sounds like a Beatrix Potter charcter ) could never make 3 excellent "plates" of food in row.
So, Steve ,his scarf and fluster rightly won. Mr "Boodaful plate of food" baldy judge Gregg kept alluding to him being "flamboyant" presumably in the same way Larry Grayson was "Flamboyant". I thought we had got away from this sort of innuendo.

I have one gripe though I can't really see why we need a whole week of tasks which don't count for anything. As all the judging seems to be done on the last meal. Also have you noticed that whenever a professional chef is given some food to taste on TV, if they can't find anything wrong they always say it needs more salt, so reluctant are they to give praise.

One last thing if "pears, chocolate sauce and ice cream" makes you Masterchef, I can proudly announce next years winner......... it's My Dad. Yes, BLTP senior who spent hours feeding us ungrateful wretches, use to knock out this dish for a special afters. Now I will admit the pears were tinned "Bartlett pear halves", the ice cream out of the Freezer but the sauce was home made a sort of coco custard and it was delish, in fact it was boodaful plate of food!

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Anonymous said...

Great review. Praise also to Matt Lucas who was excellent in the role of Hannah.