Friday, 2 March 2007

museum of street semiotics:

My local flee market is excellent, this bizarre table looked like an art installation and if my flat wasn't full of tat, I would have bought the lot to give the old place the whole Hollywood tratttoria look. Rod Stewart's wedding photo anyone. I settled for a picture instead. I did "save" some vinyl 7 inches.Here they are:
Musical Youth, pass the Dutchie (pop classic)
Dexy's, the projected passion revue. (obscure rarity could be worth a bit)
Springsteen' cover me (nice cover)
Los marshalls' flamenco (obscure Spanish pop)
JAMC, you trip me up (another classic)
The Model ,Kraftwerk (change music forever)
Being Boiled, the Human League*
Process, Something international (obscure could be good could be hopeless worth a 10p punt)

* Being Boiled was their first single and surprisingly good although a bit potty it's the only record to use the phrase "sericulture". The b side "circus of death" has the following note attached."Dominion is the name given to fictitious drug administered by the ringmaster/clown to subjugate those who fall prey to his power." oooh eer it was 1978, the bomb could have dropped any day!

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