Sunday, 18 March 2007

Going for a Burton

Dressing the part:
While looking up Clint's character names, I came across this wonderful site. The net is full of obsessions (this blog among them) but some people take it to new heights. This site is devoted to "Where Eagles Dare". It's well done,covers the film and book in extreme details. Part of the idea of this blog was to celebrate such things so, well done lads it's a beaut!

Another gem I found via the WED site was this clothing firm. Do you want to dress like Clint and Burton in Schloss Adler? Well, the M.O.D (Maverick Outdoor Designs) can help. They can even help you out if you wish to look like Michael Caine aka "Col. Kurt Steiner" the cockney Wehrmacht commander in "the Eagle has landed".

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