Thursday, 22 March 2007

rhubarb triangle

Saw this in the paper; it’s about the Rhubarb Triangle. Which has particular place in my heart, as it’s one of the places I grew up in.
It’s the only place to buy the pink forced rhubarb from. I saw some on one of my rare visit to a supermarket the other day and was tempted but was recoiled when I saw the cretins where selling Dutch grown stuff. It’s why we need this “appellation controlle” designation. The fields around our village are filled with rhubarb and the long sheds where the stalks are forced. In the summer you can gather enough for a pie off the roads where it’s bounced of the farmer’s trailers. My dad would come home with a huge bunch in a twist of newspaper, fresh from the grower.
Its gathering praise here’s what Ricky Stein has to say.

Details of the Rhubarb Triangle
Some recipes:

My own is simple; stew the 'barb either the Nigella way in oven or just in pan. Add sugar to taste, it can stand a sprinkle of cinnamon or ginger. I then have it cool with 50/50 Greek yoghurt and custard (cold) with either toasted oatmeal (heat in pan for few minutes) or a ginger nut crumbled over the top. In Italy it would be regional specialty; here I’ll just call it “store cupboard rhubarb fool”.
Whilst finding some pictures of the triangle I found these sites.
Again top marks to the authors for sharing their hobbies and interests.
Pictures of churches in UK
And a perplexing Maths site based in Rothwell, that sounds like it should be in Roswell, cryptography and rhubarb who knew.

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