Friday, 9 March 2007

Friday Variety Bag

Friday pick and mix.
In this weeks Variety bag. Solipsism of the week.
I know people who write blogs shouldn’t really go on about solipsism but this recent occurrence interested me. I found someone’s phone on the train the other day. I rang a few numbers on it to try to return it. I had imagined it would belong to a bloke because the picture on the phones “desktop” was of a handsome Latin American looking women. However, when the owner got in touch it was women, ahh well I thought this is the modern world, maybe it’s her sister or girlfriend. Anyway when I met up with her it turns out she’s the women in picture. Is this normal ? Does anyone else have a picture of themselves on their laptop or in their wallet, it was quiet strange. I can imagine a party picture of a huddle of drunken friends or smoochy couple shot but a picture of yourself on your own phone. Flickr self portraits

Desktop devil.
My bro A put me on to this it’s a fantastic little 3d model of a dragon. You can download it from here. Print it out on some nice shiny paper and make it up, it’s straight forward. Put the Dragon on your desk etc close/cover one eye and stare at our little friend and something incredible will happen. The Dragons head will bob up and down and follow you around it’s truly unnerving. So off you go and get your scissors, tape and pritt stick out.
Sweet of the week:

Fruit Salad

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