Friday, 23 March 2007

Friday Lucky Bag vol3

Spam Name Of The Day. SNOTD
Baccalaureates C. Goddamned subject : Have methuen he burlington .

Joke of the week. This week sees an opportunity to dust off one of my favourite/only world music joke.
There's a new film about slavery coming out called "amazing Grace" it stars Joussouf N'Dour, the film ties in with a new album Joussouf's made with his wife Her N'dours......

I would never be a member of club that would have me as member”
Of all the societies you can join I suspect the Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire pudding club may the last on the list. Check out their parsnips facts “apparently they are an aphrodisiac” the list of non aphrodisiac foods is now officially shorter than the ones that give you the horn.
A slight aside has anyone eaten out and had a decent Yorkshire south of the Trent?

A strange Kind of Love.
All hail the Cud band, he’s a strange clip from Carl and the boys recent tour with some spectacularly painful stage diving.

Vinyl Count Down:
I had another flurry of vinyl hunting this week. I said that the foreign language disc I buy can be patchy mostly they are equivalent of chart rubbish rather than esoteric lost gems. Here’s a case in point. Richard Cocciante comes from that strangely limited genre of gravely voiced shouters which the Italians specialize in. This track Bella sin alma (beautiful without a soul) was big hit on the continent as the soundtrack to an animated film .Think bright eyes sung by an angry Joe cocker. It’s not my thing, the only interesting thing about is that according to the interwed that Jay K has done a version of it.
Here’s a nice film of you tube on how vinyl records are made.

Whilst looking up Richard Cocciante I fell upon on this site has a look at the excellent sleeves for these 60’s LPs don’t you want to own them all?

Also this Francoise Hardy has excellent sleeves my fave is Catherine Spaak.

Check out french pop on you tube.

If you want to know more about Francoise Hardy et al see the Ye Ye Girls site.

Things I might want for next birthday.
Elvis porcelain Christmas tree

I tiny model of myself at Babbacombe model village.

Or on similar note a model railway in my garden.

Right thinking.

My friend Mr Giraffe reminded me off the conservepdia, a rightwing wikipedia, don’t go there it will wind you up.
Here a note on religion from the site.
“It is claimed that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism worship the same God in different ways. This claim is regarded by some as a way to convert Jews and Christians to Islam, since it supports the idea that Abrahamic religion has "grown" from Judaism to Christianity to Islam. However, many are skeptical of this idea.

You can have fun and wind them up here’s the entry on C&W music, I know the Bad seeds have elements of country to their worked but the "most popular" is over doing it. I would pay to see Nick and Bonnie duetting.

"Country and Western is a genre of musical style that has remained popular in the United States of America as well as other countries. Country and Western originated in the South and remains most popular there today. It is a mix of blues and folk music. Some of the most famous country musicians include Hank Williams, Bonnie Langford, Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld and Jimmy Rogers. Modern country artists today include Brad Paysly and Kris Kristofferson. Many rock and roll musicians overlap into country and western too. "

Serving suggestion
Why not try stuffing on a spoon.

Sweet of the week.
Pink shrimps. I like their slightly stale blandness.

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