Sunday, 18 March 2007

Man with too many Names:

The poetry of Lists Vol1:

I put this together as part of an occasional series. You must have noticed how sometimes a random order of words can have a hidden poetry about them. The shipping forecast is probably the most famous. Well, here's my first entry it's a list of Clint Eastwood's character names. They seem to be mix of Celtic sounding ones mixed with Scandinavian and polish. Some of the earlier ones sound like they come from a gay chatroom. I do like first Saxon and dumbo pilot!

Frankie Dunn
Terry McCaleb
Frank Corvin
Steve Everett
Luther Whitney
Robert Kincaid
Chief Red Garnett
Frank Horrigan
William 'Bill' Munny
Nick Pulovski
John Wilson
Tommy Nowak
Insp. 'Dirty' Harry Callahan
Gunnery Sgt. Tom 'Gunny' Highway
Lieutenant Speer
Capt. Wes Block
Harry Callahan
Red Stovall
Mitchell Gant
Philo Beddoe
Bronco Billy McCoy
Frank Morris
Philo Beddoe
Ben Shockley
Insp. 'Dirty' Harry Callahan
Josey Wales
Dr. Jonathan Hemlock
John "Thunderbolt" Doherty
Insp. 'Dirty' Harry Callahan
Man in Crowd on Pier
The Stranger
Joe Kidd
Insp. Harry Callahan
Cpl. John McBurney
Pvt. KellyHoganPardner
Lt. Morris Schaffer
Deputy Sheriff Walt Coogan
Marshal Jed Cooper
Rowdy Yates
The Magnificent Stranger
MoncoRowdy Yates
JoeRed Hardigan
George Moseley
Keith William
Dumbo Pilot
John Lucas
Lt. Jack Rice,
Marine (Medic)
Tom, ranch hand
Law Man
Joe Keeley
Jet Squadron Leader
First Saxon

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