Sunday, 15 April 2007

Friday 13th Lucky Bag (well sunday)

Clocking Off!
My new work doesn’t do flexitime, not for us lowly types anyway. It’s strange like working in a factory. I think it’s a good idea; you do your hours and go home. It avoids over work, maybe they should have a hooter like the radiator factory behind my Grandparent’s house. It would wake us each sunny holiday morning. I’ll stop now before I drift into reverie about my Nana’s cheese on toast….

Not one for animal lovers! Super squirrel!

Joy Division trainers anyone?
How about a belt to go with them?
Great minds agree here's a Guardian article on the same thing published after me (updated mon lunch)!

Books of the week.
Like a teenager with the new JK Rowling I devoured these two similar books this week. They are part of that whole genre of journalistic comic memoirs/ travel books. The first “Achtung Schweinhund !”is by Harry Pearson and is about the love that dare not speak its name, not homosexuality or even bestiality but model war gaming.
In the media to admit that you don’t care less “big brother” but do care about the colour of the lining of Prussian troops at the battle Salamanca is tantamount to being a kiddie fiddler. But Pearson who has turned a childhood hobbies into a livelyhood he’s a football writer for the Guardian and “when Saturday comes”. The book is enjoyable particular if you have ever slaved over an airfix Spitfire or cursed as you messed up the finish on your imperial Guard’s busby. An excellent book.

The other book is of wider appeal as it covers Britain from Nottingham upwards. “Pies and prejudice” is a good read even though it’s written by a manc (well scouser it turns out) Stuart Maconie. It’s a hymn of praise about the North similar to the Bill Bryson’s books. It’s funny and informative. My only caveat being he slags off London to big up the North why can’t everywhere be nice? Also he missed out Kes from his list of great northern films. He also highlights the delights of Greggs.

Indie “schmindie” record of the week
“The kids at the club” from “How does it feel to be loved?” (HDIFTBL) a club I’ve been to a few times, it’s that rare mix c86 indie and 60’s Motown etc. The kids at the club is a“new” compilation they’ve put out. It very indie but if you like a jangle you’ll enjoy this.
Sadly I’m not in any of the pictures in the booklet quite rightly they went for the Belle Sebastian high cheek bone cute indie kids (of either sex), the larger pie eating Cud end of indie is still in the shade.

Sweet meat of the week
Microwave Black Treacle flapjack
I know this may sound wrong but stick with me, it makes lovely sticky flap jack and the black treacle makes it taste of bonfire night hurrah! I reckon you can have fresh oaty treats on the table in 20-30 mins double hurrah!

4 oz butter
3 oz demera sugar
2 level tablespoons (60ml) black treacle
8 oz rolled oats, I used the end of a bag of muesli and topped up with oats*.
You could chuck in some dried fruit to taste.

Put the butter and sugar into a bowl and heat on full power for 1 minute, or until the butter has melted.
Stir in the treacle, then work in the rolled oats until completely mixed.
Press mixture into a greased shallow dish.
Cook on full power for 5 minutes.
Do keep and eye on it.
Leave to cool slightly in the dish, and cut into pieces
When cold enough to eat! cut into pieces store in box as usual.
* oats have to be the ones with the musclebound Scotsman on the front!

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