Saturday, 21 April 2007

Great British menu

Jeremy V Nick
Just a few things this week's Scottish section has been fun. I like it when the chefs get on, the pretend rivalry schtick is a bit trite really.
Jenny bond grates a bit too, she seems a bit disengaged and wanders on to the set trying to wind the two sides up as if poked on by the producers. You know "Go on Jenni let's have some tension". I do think (as I said before)the series is flawed with all the whole coals to Newcastle bit of trying to impress the French, as most good UK chefs don't cook in that rarefied way. Why not leave the French to it.

"Jacket or boiled potatoes"
Another cookery related problem is the whole jacket and t shirt thing . Popular with James Martin and John Torrode it just looks wrong. What's wrong with a shirt, they look uncomfortable and strangely formal. They look like as if any minute we are going to get a inch of cuff dangled in creme brulee.

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