Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Xmas Fayre

"Now for the 5 th today lets' see what happening in Albert square"

The BEEB'S Xmas schedules out, here's some first reactions:

Dr Who and Kylie:

Hasn't let us down yet apart from the shrieking Catherine Tate episode. The jury's still out on the french maid costume!

To the Manor Born:
Do we really need this , everyone forgets it was a hit when we still only had three channels the pubs were closed on Sundays and sex had not spread to every corner of these sodden isles.

Liverpool Nativity: Stop already, this presumably is based on the Manchester Passion which it self was based on the tenuous thread that the Stone Roses had a song with "I am the Resurrections" in it.

The whole thing seems to be set up so the BEEBs own comedy shows have ready made material , cue jokes about Mary and Joseph fleeing for Egypt in a stolen car, the problems finding wisemen /virgins in Toxteith, you know the stuff. Worth tuning to see how they work "Ferry" into the plot and for the inevitable siting of Pete Wylie.

Richard Hammond meets Evel Kinevel: My Nana saw a biopic of Mr Knivel and declared him a "bad lot" plus our S got the wind up stunt bike not me, so I won't watching this nonsense, so there.

Heston Blumenthal's perfect Christmas. Surely this should have been shown in August as there is no way 2 weeks is long enough to cook a turkey at 30c and also we will need to borrow one of those Iranian centrifuged to make the pudding and there'll lots of paper work and that.

Definition : Christmas Special :
usually funny* 30 minute comedy show stretched to 60-90 mins but containing no more jokes, usually shot outside possible in Australian, can lead to a feeling of bleak disappointment on an otherwise happy day.

* NB Doesn't apply to French and Saunders who aren't even that funny normally.

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