Tuesday, 13 November 2007

concert pics

Excellent pictures from the National concert the other day, very nicely done b/w.


Valerio said...

thanks for the compliment and linking liveon35mm.com

just a curiosity, what do you mean with "live photography is a bit of a dieing art"?

come back visiting liveon35mm.com whenever you want it is continuously updated with b&w pics of latest music tours.


Anonymous said...

He looks like a thin Phil Collins. Was Gary Bushell there with you, in his fleece?

BLTP said...

V: my pleasure, My point about concert pics is that with camera phone etc good quality pics seemed to be less valued.
Mr G: Forget Philcocking collins, the singer from The National could be your elder brother!

BLTP said...

Mr G sadly Mr Bushell couldn't make it with or without his fleece! He sent his stand in Sideshow Bob who was excellent company.