Thursday, 8 November 2007

Just plain wrong

Call social services: an ongoing series!

from yahoo news Stripper turns up at school class.

Where in this whole sorry tale should people have said stop this isn't a good idea?

  • The parent who thought she would disrupt her son's lesson by sending a "gorrillagram"
  • The agency who thought it was OK to send a stripper etc to a school address
  • The stripper as she was walking through the school gates didn't think "hang on this isn't right maybe I should ring the office to check"
  • Didn't the class teacher say "hello can I help you, oh a surprise well it will have to wait until after the lesson, if it IS a Police matter you will have to talk to the head, please leave my lesson now."


Planet Mondo said...

Staggering and unsettling- but not surprising. Now it'll be pass the parcel with the blame.' I thought...' etc etc

I knew someone who was having a family dinner for an elderly relatives birthday at a restaurant-when a stripper did a 'performance' for the next table. There were no modesty cloths or similar, all the giblets were out and she was flat on the floor and doing legs akimbo poses.

I just don't get how so many people can go crashing through so many boundaries and not realize or care about what they're doing

al_uk said...

I've heard of a mother who bought her son an evening with a prostitute for his 16th birthday. saying " I want him to lose his virginity with someone who knows what they are doing!"