Friday, 9 November 2007

Time and tide waits for no man

King Canute and the £60,000 Beach hut...

Storm surge:
BBC Breakfast news' coverage this morning was a bit strange. I tuned in to see some pictures of what the sea was doing and they insisted on interviewing some moany old ladys eating toast in a village hall. (the reprter didn't even press them when they claimed the "council" had been selling sandbags to locals!) There was the usual cries for us to spend even more shoreing up the coast line.

Yes, it's sad that peoples homes are in danger, but how much are we willing to spend saving a seaside bungalow? As an Island we need to live in harmony with the sea a bit more, events like today are a reminder that nature isn't easily tamed. Oh and yes I have 3rd floor flat.

Those pastel coloured huts don't seem such a great buy now.


steve g said...

Did you notice the air of disappointment in the news reports afterwards, when not much devastation thankfully happened?

BLTP said...

yep the press hate a disaster that doesn't happen. See Y2K, bird flu