Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Grilling time...

A nice spot of lunch:
We've moved to a new office just off Leather lane, so lunch time is a bit less celebtastic compared to Oxford st but the foods is 10 times better. Sadly, many of people still go to chain food outlets Pret Macdonalds Manger, Subway and even good old Greggs.
But there are stacks of other local run places, one fave is Brothers Cafe which is a Turkish run place at the north end of leather lane. Brother's is a straightforwardly good place to eat, sarnies, breakfast, Lahmacun and fresh grilled kebabs delish.Friendly staff too.
Why not get a pound of coxs on the way back to your desk.
I think the picture sums up London's continuing evolution as the most mixed up culinary place going.
Visit yogurtland to make your own Turkish treats

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