Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Getting things straight

David Cameron is a Tory boy posho bully:
There has been loads of talk lately about how well David Cameron and Tories are doing.

For instance there was coverage on the news of the Queen's speech debate last night. Where the political types all thought Cameron had done really well.
Is it just me or does Cameron always come across as a puffed up rich posh boy bully.

Let's get something else straight Cameron does not give a toss for the lives of most people in Britain. His life to date has been lived in a gilded bubble. If he gets into power he won't be working to make life better for the everyone he will be self serving and feckless and will line the pockets of his rich mates and backers.

Lastly floating voters who are they? And should they be allowed to breed, drive cars, have bank accounts ( I almost said vote doh!). Should the opinion of a grown up who hasn't formulated a world view by the age of say 25, be taken into the account.

There must be thousands of these spineless morons who amble up to the polling booth still unsure who to vote for. They are the people who presumably take 10 minutes to order in Pizza Express, or who have brain haemorrhage's at the pick and mix counter in Woolies. There would be some crumb of comfort in this if these floaters didn't when they eventually decided base their decisions on "oh no that Brown 'es got a funny mouth, I couldn't vote for 'im."

So to help these mindless types here's a handy cut out and keep guide!

How to Vote: whatever you think of Labour or the Liberals, David Cameron is a self serving prig who is guaranteed to ignore our needs and those less fortunate, when he's in power unless you are multi millionaire.

Pizzas: Siliciana or Fiorentina

Pick and Mix: Have what you like but make sure you get some chocolate eclairs, cola cubes and something covered with mouth puckering sour sherbet .


s said...

Quite right. A man should choose his politics, pizza and haircut by the age of 25. Anything less is a sign of moral weakness.

ally. said...

surely at some point the world will wake up and all shout wanker at him as one.(we won't though will we. we never do.)
and it's mushrooms olives and extra cheese on mine please.