Thursday, 22 November 2007

British Sea Power
Amersham Arms
New Cross
Nov 21st 2007

Bugger the footy I'm off out to watch SEEEEAAAA POOOWWEER at the end of my road, how cool is that, literally just round the corner.

I haven't been to the Amersham since it's been relaunched, it hasn't changed much. The gig was supposed to be secret but in this age of the t'web, it was a bit of an open secret and was sold out. Inside the crowd slowly swelled, the usual mixed of Deptford diehards, the younger college crowd and BSP fans from farther a field, one chap seemingly from the States, oh and the obligatory duo of Japanese female fans (there’s at least 2 at every gig FACT).

I missed the first support act but caught French duo John & Jehn, who were intriguing, starting off with guitar and organ. A striking sexy pair, he tall and gaunt, she chic and cute (is there a law that say’s all French female pop singers are gorgeous? No just centuries institutional systemic Sexism Feminist Ed!) They play drum machine driven Velvet tinged pop rock, with added yelps. Jehn then moved onto bass , cue more driving rhythms, more yelps, bops and screams and a really good song called “sister” (?).

Next in short order come T’ Power, what to say, this is where I start to admire music journos, because I like the band so much and had such a good time I won’t make much sense. Here goes:
it takes a while to warm up the crowd, the (on record) storming new song “Atom” not fully taking flight. Quickly though everything comes together, new and old songs meld together, there’s storming version “Carrion” and a personal fave “Larson B” (the only song ever about an iceberg?).

The band bring their striking stage craft, Yan and Hamilton aloofly avoiding the mire of the mosh pit, contrasted with onstage interventions by Jack Black look a like Phil their screeching cornet player and guitarist Noble being carried shoulder high through the crowd. The whole show ended with a riotous rendition of “Spirit of St Louis”.
One of the best gigs of the year.


Oh and I got home and got those curtains closed and the big light on in under 5 mins bliss, now are there and bourbons left…..


Yan – vocals/guitar.
Noble – guitar.
Hamilton – bass/vocals.
Wood – drums

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ally. said...

i used to go there lots long long long ago. i'm ever so glad it's back - it was always a fine venue.
i bet you're glad you missed the football now too. although it was pretty funny.