Monday, 26 November 2007

cool things

Step into winter!

I was going to have a rant, late running trains leaking neighbours bath, but I thought why bother and then I saw these lovely chaps of City of London Borough Council putting the lights on this humongous Xmas tree next to St Paul's.

So here’s some more reasons why winter's great:

Now the leaves are off the trees I can see the
London Eye lit up when I'm washing up.
There’s more excuse for eating pork!
There's an R in the month so you can eat oysters.

You can wear daft hats to keep warm.

If only it was cold enough for snow, well there’s always ski Sunday

After sports night you could light a nice log fire

If you are going out breakdancing have some ready brek!

You can always stay in and watch great films

What's your favourite thing about winter?

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Planet Mondo said...

I've always preferred winter over autumn, my fave things being;

Seeing frost in the mornings.

The cosy glow of coming indoors from the cold.

Mince and dumplings, Liver and Bacon.

Gloomy music sounds much better.