Monday, 19 November 2007

Case not proven?

Alisher Usmanov, Attack on Free speech update!

It isn't necessary for Blogs to be balanced but that doesn't mean that they can't be, a few months ago a Russian oligarch "a posh word for thieving robbing nere do well" Alisher Usmanov was trying to use the UK libel laws to prevent free speech in Britain by closing down blog servers.
This back fired as the web went wild reposting the entries he tried to take down.
In this long Guardian piece he tries to clear his name, thanks to relatively free speech we have Britain you are free to decide for yourself.

However because Russia's recent history is so murky, in my opinion he fails to do so. Even if he was Innocent of the crimes he was imprisoned for, the way that he and his fellow oligarchs carved up the natural resources of Russian was if not illegal, immoral. They have basically robbed the people of Russia of much needed cash, to help fund their failing health and social systems and to invest generally in their country.
If you think hedge fund slime balls pay low taxes imagine how little Ushamov and his greedy gold plated yacht sailing Chelsea buying sushi poisoning mates pay.

Basically any organisation like Arsenal that believes it self to progressive fair minded community based endeavour should not accept a brass farthing from the likes of Usmanov.

But as I said above you are more than free to make up your own. mind.

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