Monday, 19 November 2007

Listen to me carefully I shall say this only once.

Be beret, beret careful….
Friends will attest that when it comes to what Basildon’s finest synth combo would probably not call the “hurrying mode” I may not be at the leading edge or even the bleeding edge (what does that mean?) but living in town you do get see what people are buying as this seasons “must haves”.

It seems Berets are back, which is all fine and dandy, except as usual with fashion some of the early adopters weren’t around to see earlier less successful attempts at the style.

I’ve seen several young women in the street with berets on, one was distinctly frank Spencerish, another sadly was a yellow mac away from asking me if “I’d seen Kimberly”.The last more successfully "chic chick" had the whole belted raincoat, long dark tresses, Gallic look thing going on which was probably sold to her as "Che meets Noirish femme Fatale" sadly it looked more like Michel Dubois resistance queenpin from ‘allo ‘allo!

Having worn a beret (with a brain numbingly tight head band) in Scouts I am ambivalent about them but then again I still think Tribys make you look like a granddad and white flat caps say Bournemouth bowling competition or best in breed dairy show to me, not fashion must have.

Whilst looking for "Kimberly pics" I found this talented bunch; Alan Bleasdale and Willy Russell’s wild looks make them look like cartoon puppets don’t you think ? With Willy as the lion (Rory, Rory tell us story) out of the Animal Kwackers and Bleasdale as a moptop Humphrey from Rainbow. Speaking of Humphrey didn't Alan Bennet do the the voice.....

UPDATED 1:30 pm: the G2 of section is more positive about the whole Beret look than me. The writer probably thinks "the fallen Madonna with the big boobies" refers to dear old Madge : )


Planet Mondo said...

You've got to have a certain 'snap' to carry off a beret - but I do like a dude hat/bakers boy hat(not that I could carry one of those off either)

BLTP said...

yes a jauntily worn Baker Boy could be good the dexy's could carry them off but what about Pig bag or Danny Wilson (the band not the Barnsley manager)! ?