Friday, 16 November 2007

Fat'll do nicely

Obesity Timebomb solved:
There has been shed loads of talk about this lately, it's variously the fault of : video games, school dinners, tescos, big Macs, Cars, the government.
All wrong it's WH Smith's Fault.

Whenever I buy a paper etc in the once great stationers, their check out staff are always pushing huge bars of Aero, tobelerone or Dairy Milk on me.
Why when I've remembered to buy some whole reinforcing rings, Richard Hammonds Autobiography(subtitled:"I crashed that rocket car to escape being Clarkson's bitch) and my Bi-monthly treat of "Mega Carp News(incorporating What Barbel)" would I suddenly forget to pick up an outer of Ferro Roche and a kings size Twix.?
Stop it ,you Nestle pushing gimps, I don't want any Half price chocolate, 2 for 1 Caramacs or even a kinder surprise!
Ps: If obesity really is a "time bomb" should we get Anthony Andrews and the Boys from UXB to defuse the worse cases, you know carry out controlled explosions on the customers of Greggs....

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