Friday, 9 November 2007

Freedom for Tooting

Stars Spotted Exactly Where They Should Be (SSEWTSB):

The actress Hilda Braid has sadly died (although at a good age) known mainly as Nana Moon and of course Wolfie (sorry “foxy”) Smith’s prospective in law in “Citizen Smith”.

I did Spot Hilda Braid Exactly Where She Should Be:
Being from “up north” my view of London (before moving here) was a little stereotypical (much like Londoner’s view of the North). It took a while living in Tooting not to walk out of the Tube station and clench my fist and shout “freedom for Tooting”.

It was at this time that I saw her on the tube. She looked old even then and dithered some what on and got off and on again at the wrong stop (maybe her characters were close to home) but she chatted to the lady next her and seemed perfectly charming.

To my great joy she got off at Tooting Broadway, presumably off to get Wolfy and the rest of TPF some cling peaches for their tea1

The time I saw Paul Weller walking down Wardour St: My inner 12 year old was desperate to run straight up to Kings Cross and get on a train home, track down that lying Get Nigel “my dad’s a sharp shooter in army” Bailey grab him by his lapels and tell him “I’ve just seen Paul Weller “from the Jam” for real” and he say’s in early 80’s he didn’t hang out with you on Saturday afternoon in Wimpy when you had to got to your Nan’s, in Sheffield, you big spinning Get.

*Reader I was a very naïve child *

I could then claim to be the ace face of our village once and for all.

I was failed Pop fan vol 1

On a similar note on the way to the match the other day, we saw some heroes from our youth.

Barnsley Mods: With excellent mirrored up scooters to boot.

This is an excellent opportunity to remind people of the best badge (of which no self respecting skaster was seen without) of the 80’s mod revival. Nestling next to your “Barnsley Mods” or “Nutty Boys badge” Was
“We put the ska into Scarborough”

Sadly my mod badges lasted just few minutes in my possession, having bought them surreptitiously off the market with my mate Franny (I don’t know why I was hiding the fact from my parents but I did) anyway I lost them on the bus home and my not quite Harrington (well anorak) had to go unadorned. We did go back to his house and listen to “All Mod Cons” right loud, because nobody else was in and also because they were dead posh had coke out of cans from the fridge, At Home! (Now there’s living for you)

Next time on “I was failed pop fan” marvel how I fail to spend my Christmas money on an ex-army jacket (so I would look like Echo and the Bunny men) but bought a mac instead and ended up looking like a young farmer……


Planet Mondo said...

I was failed Pop fan vol 1
I did exactly the same with Punk badges and bits - I used to get the gear on 'round the corner'. Wasn't long before a rogue neighbor reported back that I'd been spotted wearing Punky motif's.

I was at a Dion gig last Thursday and 3 foot from Bobby Gillespie, Patty Palladin and Robert Plant but didn't say anything as I was too nervy.

Also saw George from Gilbert and George the day before near Fournier St and kept quiet

I've decided to a quick handshake and 'hello' next time I'm in the same situation

All Mod Cons said...

All Mod Cons, cracking album. Everyone should own a copy. I very nearly freaked when I saw Weller in Berlin in September. Brilliant.

BLTP said...

PM: did you really see gilbert without george I thought they were never parted.
amc: I fear this post was written especially for you.

Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

I'm doing a seminar on 'Youth Identity and Culture' in a few week's time: can I quote you?

BLTP said...

there must be more learned thinking on yoof kulture!

Planet Mondo said...

George was having a 'gasper' outside a restaurant, so I guess Gilbert must be a non Smoker or paying the bill.

BLTP said...

Ahh that's a relief I hate to think of them being alone for even a minute!

steve g said...

In honour of the self same badge, bobby and I made badges for our trip to Barnsley's twin town in the Black Forest, with the slogan 'we put the schwa into Schwabisch Gmund'. It amused us anyway!
And regarding hinding things from parents, when reviewing the photos of the same trip, at the height of the late 80's Madchester/baggy thing, Bobby is hiding his Inspiral Carpets' 'cool as fuck' T-shirt to avoid his mum spotting it! I'm not sure how or therefore if, it went through the laundry.

BLTP said...

SG: I was forgetting our twin town. we can add to list the kids who bought the rude "nirvana" t-shirt the one with MF on the back and had to hide it from their M's