Monday, 12 November 2007

By public demand

The Searchers
Checking my site stats and as usual they are often more perplexing than enlightening.

God love the place but I'm not sure anyone really wants to see "Porn films made in Barnsley"

Can I also clear up an important medical point if you want to cure a boil don't use Turkish delight go here they are right proper doctors and that.

the next selection I'm calling "long dark nights of the soul":
What new levels of depravity would lead someone in City of London at 3am Sunday morning to search for "naked Pictures of Lynne Perrie"! It makes the regular search for "Julia Bradbury in stockings and boots" seem rather vanilla, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes these things are just a mistake. Famous in our house is Mrs G's attempt to look up low salt alternatives to put on our daughter's roast dinner - which led to her typing 'baby gravy' into google... ooooh my!

BLTP said...

tee hee, hee very good! I'm not sure the person in Manhattan Beach California has the same excuse though, having typed in "nigella lawson bend over and show us your ass" !!!