Saturday, 13 October 2007

At last a cure for boil(s)

Take 2 lumps twice a day:
Bought some Turkish Delight last night (called Bodrum a bit bland not very perfumed, nice texture though)

It does have an excellent bit of blurb though:

"Nutritional & health benefits Of Turkish Delights
Turkish Delight is both a natural and healthy source of nutrition, and is know to have health benefits. One of the key benefits of Turkish delight is its carbohydrate (it's virtually all that's in it recipe ed) content. Especially patients suffering from Kidney disorders are recommended to regularly consume Turkish Delight to dispose uric acid and excess Keratin that builds up in foods high in protein and are taken into the system. Turkish delight is also widely known to be one of the most powerful cures of boil (sic)"

So there you have it when did you last see kit kat claiming to cure gout and clear up your skin!

Christmas is cancelled is early this year:

Normally the annual snow storm of "loony pc gone mad local council bans christmas" stories don't start until 6th Nov (it's traditional!) but the Times has brought even this aspect of the Yule build up forward this year.

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