Monday, 8 October 2007

You don't know me at all...

whoreporate spam slight return:

Just after posting my last piece the 12 years olds that staff Vodaphone's marketing dept sent me a "service package" on my phone, which is a"bundle of pics and ringtones to funk up your handset"apparently. This one was particularly offensive it was entitled "Hot fresher babes".

Let me count the ways this is all wrong.

1. why would anyone pay more than cost of a copy of "Zoo or Nuts" for a low res picture of a 19 year in a "hand" bra when the interweb is full of pictures of naked women for free?

2. Do these people not have my date of birth, for me to have anything but a passing interest in "fresher Babes" would be just a bit creepy uncle. I am just not rich/famous enough to fancy/go out with someone almost half may age.

3. Is it gender specific? Do female subscribers get "Hall of Residence Hunks"?

4. Why are so many women both at vodaphone and presumably at "colleges" so busily helping roll back the gains made for them by Feminism/ist, their mothers, aunts, grandmothers and the odd well meaning bloke?
5. Just why? you know why? no really why? When was it a good idea when? Tell me that? when? why?

The delightful Miss woo has been discussing the dumbing and stripping down of college students over at her site.

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Clair said...

....aaaand Vodafone staff are shite, too! In their Camden branch, they sensibly have a 'take a number, wait for service' thing going on. I was irritated that one of their number chose to serve a fat old munter instead of me, and cared nothing when I pointed this out and she gave me a mouthful.

I used to work for a company that offered pixellated porn on mobiles about six years ago. Imagine how desperate you'd have to be to download a pic of a woman with square breasts.