Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Harry's Game

I Love the BBC.
Reason 1: Spooks.
Spooks is great. It’s big dumb fun. Someone slagged it off the other day for being like the Professionals and your point is?

Another reason I love it is its local TV (well for me). If Harry and the guys want to catch some dodgy Iranian types they should just throw a cordon around SE8, as last night episodes (as most of last season) was filmed entirely in NEW CROSS hurrah!

I'm dowloading the Encyclopedia Brittanica it'll take 20 seconds...
I love the implausibly fast computers, the over the top offices, the exciting music, the fact the headquarters is the Masonic hall. One of the best characters apart from Peter Firth’s Harry Pearce is Hermione Norris as Ros Myers. A truly innovative part for women as although she’s not unattractive, she get’s to go around beating the hell out of baddies, and doing cool spy stuff but doesn’t have them go home and feed mewling kids, she’s just a bad ass ninja.

Malcolm can you patch me through to the whitehouse...
I like the techy blokes and even the posh bloke, it’s all good. They may want however to stop filming at the Royal Hospital at Greenwich, you're giving the place a bad name, guys!

Whatelse oh yes I love that you can go online and be a spy. And that the ginger posh bloke just wore a scarf in Iran and went about unnoticed. I also like the way no characters safe, if they get caught by some Chechen rebels there’s no guarantee they won't get offed which really adds to the tension.
And I also like the fact you can watch two episodes in one go by switching to BBC3. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t end this post with it going into negative and the thumping music fading.

Should this be the sort of tv the BBC make yes because they are the only people who can do it well, now a days.

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