Thursday, 18 October 2007

Hand held in black & white

My left sides better when I am buying fish:

I'm not yet in the same league as even a z-list celeb but living in the smoke you do seem to get snapped quite often as you go about day-day to stuff. Our old office was at Oxford Circus and as well as the tourists there were always "paps" hanging around hoping to catch some celeb popping into top shop, that and local photography students practicing.
One lunch time I was snapped twice in the space of one sandwich

"oh and this is a grumpy northerner wiping tuna off his shirt....."

There's no escape at home you can sort of expect it at Borough market

" grumpy northerner whining about overpriced Rhurbarb...."

but you get the arty (sun visor, knowing afro and post modern star wars t-shirt) set snapping away in Deptford Market.

"oh, isn't it great a traditonal chinese knock-off dvd stall, oh look how that posters all torn it's wonderful..."

It's just happened again down Leather lane (we've moved)

"grumpy northerner wiping Lamchun off his shirt..."

Leave me alone you don't need me in your holiday photos honest, why not go to Tesco and take pictures their instead , just don't take any more of me, it's bad enough with the cctv and the digital thing on an arm in reception, I'm not local colour, I'm a grumpy type with a growing pile of laundry, eating my lunch with too much relish (both sorts).

ps. I promise I will never take pics of interesting piles of kiwi fruit in a boqueria ever again honest well maybe just the odd hanging comedy chorizo...


Anonymous said...

Come to Leeds mate. No paps and happy northerners everywhere. Not much Lamchun though as far as I know.

BLTP said...

I may have mispelled it and you may get it somewhere in leeds it's turkish pizza on thin flat bread with loads of delish salad, larverlee (as we cockernees say)
oh and I bet down the covered market in leeds you'll get ya student types snapping away at the pies and oven bottom cakes.
did your lass have good birthday?