Monday, 22 October 2007

Edwyn Collins Special

The Campaign for Real Rock:
Following on from the laudable example of Ally over at Dusty 7’s.
Here’s my Edwyn Collins memorabilia.
I’m afraid I never got to see Orange Juice live and got into them via them being mentioned by all C86 bands (Wedding Present etc) I liked.

I finally got to see Edwyn solo in 1990’s after “Girl like you” had conquered the world (well most of Europe). The gig was excellent except he fell into the rock star trap that I’ve mentioned before; he threw away the hit by playing a speeded funked up version which disappointed most of the crowd. It was still good though. I think he had Steve Cook from v’pistols on drums.
I think it must have been at this gig I got my fave piece of rock junk, my poems on the underground spoof placard. EC trenchant views on outdoor festival where made long before Glastonbury was GLASTO.
It’s probably even more apt now.

Out of this world:

The last time I saw EC was in rather more intimate setting. It was in the basement of a Thai restaurant on Stokey High st. It was probably 2002-3, Andy what’s his name Jonathon Ross’ radio 2 sidekick was promoting gigs at the “Barracuda” I think it’s called. So me, BLBW and the Delightful L got their early and had some TomYum and got our seats downstairs. What followed was just fantastic Edwyn played the set bellow unaccompanied, less than 15 feet from us (to a crowd of 20-30).

I’ve not posted any tracks as basically even though his new lp is consistently good (I particularly like the track Leviathan), the guy's had 2 strokes so if you like his music go and buy it, it’s the least you can do.


Paul said...

Thanks for the link :)

Clair said...

Had a chance to see OJ - declined, a great regret to this day. See you at the Arts!

Planet Mondo said...

Love the Edwin recent tracks I've heard

What a great idea rock n roll bits and bobs - now if only I had some to share.

Watch out for self linking on The Word blog you may get a ticking off (I did)

PS you can see me in Word this month - Page 27 Batman feature, and on the letters page 68, 69.

BLTP said...

Mr Mondo yes I've been told off I presume they don't want people drifting away from their site, it is a bit tight when they want people to produce content for free, I just wanted to show my pics really