Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Accept the Bliss Ed

David Lynch and Donovan on the today programme talking about meditation

Why was it good?

Firstly the glee at which David Lynch said the word “Ed” (when talking to Ed Stoughton). Ed is much more Lynchian name than John, or James. You almost expected him to say “Ed, this coffee is great” a la twin peaks or something

Also David Lynch’s 2 minutes out burst on transcendental meditation was fantastic particularly as he encourages Ed to “accept the bliss”.

Another plus point was another opportunity to see Donovan weird insecurity complex which usual comes out in name dropping (the Beatles at least twice) and or bragging.

On gmtv yesterday they had a X factor winner being puffed up on the BBC we had the fizzy wind of gushing ideas coming from one the worlds consistently interesting artist, oh and 30 secs of Donavon singing something he’s very good at and doesn’t need to brag about.

Can’t find the clip but you can download the whole thing it was on at 8.20-8.45 I think.

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Paul said...

Yes, I heard this too. Extremely funny. Particularly as Edward REALLY wanted to ask them whether they truly believed all that horseshit but had to restrain himself to the more diplomatic: "Do you think this sort of thing is more easily accepted in America rather than Europe?"

You listen again. It's hysterical :)