Sunday, 28 October 2007

Fall back....

Now that after years of indifference the country shows keen interest in the welfare of Scottish school kids (well how they get to school) and puts the clocks back and plunges the rest of us into 6 months of darkness and gloom. I thought I’d provide some interweb sunshine to boost you vitamin levels.

Preeeeepareeee the way of the ……

The early 70’s were a time of conflict, the far and middle east were in turmoil, “the troubles” in Ireland were hotting up and even closer to home the West End stage was riven with competition . The battlefield, that unlikely source of conflict the “rock musical”. In the Blue corner we had Andrew Lloyd Webber and Time Rice’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” and in Red corner fresh from Broadway we have “Godspell”. Coming from a religious background these 2 shows played a part in our musical up bringing. In fact Tim Rice achieved that rare honour of becoming a playground/terrace chant:

“Jesus Christ superstar wears frilly knickers and ladies bra”
Your football fans swapping Jesus for Franny Lee, Asa Hartford or whomever.

Godspell was more serious, more evangelical than Superstar and I think more popular in America than over here. If Religion and rock riffs may at the time seemed a strange marriage, how about Shirley Bassey and a controlled performance. Well here is one, I found it the other day and I must admit bought it for a joke. But I was pleasantly surprised as it is a little 2 minute gem, excellent singing and a groovy swinging funky background.
Have a listen.

Nu Music:
I am may be at the back the queue with this one but I’ve been listening to LCD Sound System’s new single “Someone Great” all the time this week. It’s a perfect mix of “lowlife” era New Order (but with coherent lyrics Barney!), newer electronica and towards the end the Blue Nile (hurrah) here’s the video which is well done particularly the beginning.

Half term fun:
Looking for something to do with the kids? How about renting the John Wayne classic (only London based film) “Brannigan” (1975) and get them to try and draw a map of the Dukes journeys around London. Watch how he gets from Regents Park to Piccadilly by crossing the river twice or has that he has a flat in Battersea that has view of the Albert memorial! The kids will love the bit were he beats up “Leon Arras the man from Paris” and especially when he throws Baldrick into the Thames. Save time and money as the trailer will suffice.

Here name is still Rio:
Proof you can’t teach old dogs new tricks Mr Le Bon and boys open a mental hospital for supermodels; girls on film indeed.

Sun , sun , sun...
Here's a nice site if you want to make the summer last.

A nice walk on the beach might cheer up the gloom well maybe not.

If the darkness is still getting you down how about some talking animals (I know I know but they are funny) or better still swearing animals.

Lastly how about some Ramones to really cheer you up


ally. said...

brannigan is a big fave in our house - we always jump tower bridge on the very odd occasion go south (if we've had our jabs).
and it's miss bassey to you sunshine

Planet Mondo said...

Loving the Shirley song.
Have you seen her doing Spinning Wheel? It's a sizzler

I never got Duran Duran and still don't - they were just seemed to be dressing up and pretending to be Roxy Music(minus the tunes)

BLTP said...

not a fan of duran duran thought it was interesting/sad that they had an idea 25 years ago and are still hacking on with it.
RE: shirley she's growing on me

al_uk said...

I have Godspell available now on mp3 or any other format... Steve found the original London Cast recording (with David Essex, a particular winner in our household as you can imagine, and also Julie Covington, Marti Webb and wait for it...Jeremy Irons.) Not sure about copyright rules but I can't find this for sale new anywhere and it doesn't look like it was turned into a DVD

steve g said...

Shirley's alright but the definitive cover of Day by Day is by CUD. We nearly had it playing at our wedding, but couldn't get the choreography right!

The LCD Soundsystem album is pretty smart. In reviews 'Someone Great' is described as a split up song, I'd taken it as a terminal illness song, but maybe I'm just being morose.