Wednesday, 10 October 2007

a load of Skem

Sadly it can’t be added to after the passing of Douglas Adams but his books with John Lloyd “The Meaning of Liff “ which gave place names to experiences/objects in life for which there was no existing word was most useful (and very funny)!
I’m proposing a new one:

Skem: (noun) "the residual amount of cappuccino spume which clings to a coffee cup and which can’t be dislodged even when the cup is inverted and vigorously shaken".

citation: " you spend 3 quid on a mug of milky weak coffee and 10 bob of it ends up as a load skem stook to the bottom of ya cup"

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Planet Mondo said...

What a great book that was -

An upated version could you use names from the Ikea catalogue as the words, for things like.

Klippan - The act of looking at a mobile phone almost expecting it to explain why you were cut off unexpectedly

Robin - the slump in your stomach when realising the bus, tube, train you're on is going the opposite to the way you need.

Plonkk - The way scaffolding is put up. It's there and then it's gone. But you never see it being put up.

BLTP said...

Very good: and addtion to Kllipan may I add the Bjork: the act of waving your mobile in the air to try to send off a text message in areas of bad reception.
as In " we went to this god forsaken village where the only contact with the outside world was to stand on the village green bench and Bjork my mobile in the air until my text got through"

Clair said...

God, I loved that book! So true - 'Ahenny - the position you take when examining the bookshelves at someone else's house'; 'Humber - to wobble like the cheeks of a very fat person when driving a car over a cattle grid'.

Planet Mondo said...

This posting should be Pt 1 of an ongoing feature.

BLTP said...

Having read some the originals I am slightly concerned that i might not be able to maintain the high standard set by Adams and Lloyd. DA was one of Britain's funniest ever writers. Listening to HHGTTG on sunday dinner time was a highlight of my youth but if inspiration or post inspire I'm happy to oblige.

Planet Mondo said...

Could I add to the next list
Swervert - An erratic driver.

Someone how pulls straight out and then pulls straight off at the next junction, clips corners, cut's up or does something that prompt's a shaking a fist from the violated driver/pedestrian/cyclist

BLTP said...

Doosn't Anglo-saxon already have several shorter blunter words for people like this ;)! ?