Monday, 22 October 2007

an outbreak of BJORKING

What we learnt from last night's Telly

Caught a bit of Studio 60 :on the sunset strip last night, it's still not that vital or engrossing, also I got confused as Lucy Davis (everyone adds "from the Office" but she's really "from The Archers" or should that be "from Jasper Carrot's loins"!) was playing similar role in "Californication" (which is strangely moralistic).

Anyway I was gladdened to see a that Josh Lyman (sic) (or whatever he's called) and the bland brunette who's meant to run CBNBCITV or (whatever it's called) got stuck on the roof and had to Bjork!

"Bjork: the act of waving your mobile in the air to try to send off a text message in areas of bad reception. "

Larry David who follows on from all this would make an entire (and not always that funny) show out of the problem of Skem

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