Tuesday, 23 October 2007

More Lentils Yentob!

What we learnt from last night's Telly!

Nigella eating with friends of her own age shocker!

Last night the manic Ms Lawson had Alan Yentob and Wife (?) round for tea, for the first time in this series it looked natural, as I can believe they would be friends (in real life not "Nigella real life" where you get a cab to go to party "round the corner" but you know "meat world" the one with air and dust and that)

Still no sign of hubby Charels, was that really a lamb casserole or was it longpig ?!

Lastly is Alan Yentob turning into a "post modern meta being", he increasingly appears as Tv Alan almost like Jon Malkovich does in the eponymous film. I fear he may be character in Douglas Coupland novel or a bizarre experiment cooked up by Jacques Derrida.

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