Thursday, 11 October 2007

He's not the messiah....

Not so Manic Street Preacher slight return:
I saw him again the man wth the smallest placard! This time on the SW side of Oxford circus. I was walking up to him casually trying to take a picture. Unfortunately my camera phone was on video setting and as I fumbled with the controls I looked down. When I looked back up again he was gone! Not just walked off, gone , vanished ! I looked a round all over but couldn't see a Hi-vis jacket anyway * cue X files music*.
Please report any sightings of this meek Evangelist just to stop me feeling I've fallen into an episode of Dr Who or worse Tales of the Unexpected.
Ps. I have some blurry "grassy Knoll video" which I will post if they don't get to me firs.....

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