Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Stick ‘em up your ar….

Sweet of the week

Trebor Extra Strong Mints 45p:
Bought a packet today, they are really nice. When I was a kid they where almost too scary, no one dared eat them. Now they seem sharply minty but not over the top, in fact they are rather moreish. The texture is similar to Edinburgh rock but harder, the large round shape has nice mouth feel and the mint oil is fantastic, it’s like mouthwash without the slapping the back of your neck freshness.

Lastly there is the song "trebor mints are a little bit stronger stick'em up your bum and they last a bit longer"

I might have to test them against polos and tic tacs*, what other mints are good?

Ps. It was ages before my Bro A pointed out that “moreish” didn’t refer to the addictive produce of the mystical east (made by the Moors) but just means you want more of something, doh!

Family story number 57:
When we were little, one of the minor pleasures of childhood was a packet of tictacs. When they were finished we would fill the plastic pot with water from the tap and then drink the water which had a delish hint of mint, lime or tangerine about it. Because the packet was re-sealable you could carry supplies of water around with you like a commando, ace!

I’m only telling this story because when I’ve mentioned it in passing to people recently, they have looked at me strangely. Surely other kids enjoyed this simple pleasure? You’ll be telling me next you’ve never drunk from a water pistol?

What’s your family quirk which isn’t as universal as you’d thought it was?


Planet Mondo said...

I could blab all day (and often do) about sweet's - I was only mentioning to someone the other day when did Golden Cup disappear that silky caramel filling? and Bar Six - overlooked and undervalued. Milk Gums? Gorgeous but weird pock mark dimple bits. sometimes

I saw a box of Wispa's yesterday they are coming back - hurrah! (Cadbury's version of the reinvented Aero in the 80's)

Tic Tacs I always found much more punchy than expected, but did enjoy the double editions - Tangerine and Lime I think.

al_uk said...

I preferred the orange and lime ones too, that really artificial orangey flavour was yummy...I don't remember being hyperactive afterwards either.

And yes I remember putting water in the pots, but then I am related to Chris so that explains it