Tuesday, 23 October 2007

London's real dome

Things you see on your way home from work? pt1.

St Paul's from paternoster square. dusk to today.


ally. said...

i've always liked the name paternoster square. not as much as percy circus though.

Planet Mondo said...

Isn't this the 'fun size' Monument to the real Monument - which is just up the road and round the corner a bit.

Never got the hang of that idea

BLTP said...

I'll check next time I stroll through, it may be a war memorial.
no, I never understood why they didn't build the memorial on the site of the start of the fire.

Planet Mondo said...

It's only 10 minutes from me too I may have a peep

Rob said...

Where should I send this stuff?

al_uk said...

What do I see on the way home from work?......rolling hills, glorious woodland in all its autumnal finery, pheasants, grazing sheep, sparrowhawks, distant heather covered peaks, clear open roads, (I lie a little the sparrowhawk it was on the way to work) all of nature's wonderful architecture laid out before me.