Thursday, 18 October 2007

You couldn't make it....

I love the BBC:
Reason 2: NUTS TV

Zoo format: don't feed the animals

Carl Hiassen the Floridian writer and satirist has promised to give up writing as increasingly he can’t make up more bizarre stuff than that appears in his local paper. I came across the same problem yesterday after spoofing a Daily Mail TV; I rescanned my freeview box to get back some radio channels that had gone missing.

Let sleeping bags lie
In the new list of channels was “Nuts TV”. So for a few minutes, I had a look and it’s dreadful and a clear example of what we can expect if other media companies get there way the BBC is slowly broken up and banned from certain areas of broadcasting.

Nuts TV seemed to have two gormless presenter a game for laugh blonde and sub-Vernon Kaye bloke in a studio with a strand of items through out the night. I’ve never read Nuts but I assume the show was true to the brand in that in one corner there were a “blonde and a brunette” (which was how they were introduced) scantily clad glamour models. Who’s role was to be humiliated, viewers could text in to vote for them to “take” penalties or to wriggle around on the floor in sleeping bags. There was some blokey sports news and later pornographer Ben Dover bragging about his car. The other guests seemed to be low level racing drivers and one of the actors from those Football Factory /Business films. Now I’m not expecting “civilisation” or “life on Earth” every time I turn on the box but this was particularly worthless crud.


s said...

I didn't realise there was anything sub Vernon Kay

BLTP said...

Yes he is the bilge water in the very lowest cultural u-boat, trapped on the bottom of the entertainment sea, the forlorn crew tapping on the bulkheads with spanners as rivets pop all around them.....

Anonymous said...

Just read out the above to m'colleagues to much laughter. Well done.