Monday, 5 July 2010

IKEA POP: summer sale

During the longueurs in some of the world cup matches and the tennis and having hit a nice seam of inspiration here's a few more Ikea record sleeve mash ups I knocked up. Check out the wonderful retro Agneta one surely the well spring of it all you can even hear the lp on spotify!
working on a retro one. too
oh and this my 1111 post numerology fans!!


davy h said...

Can't believe we didn't have that KoC one before! Splendid. Sadly can't view your Agnetha one because Yahoo flickr is asking for my log-in, and I don't have one : (

BLTP said...

Davy thanks, Yes I did a bit of head slap when I remembered (most likely the sofa is actualy from Ikea norway!) don't know what the prob with flickr is here's alink to all the pics

ikea coupons said...

Pretty cool covers...I like em!