Wednesday, 23 January 2008

"Sorry can't help you mate"

Fighting with axes like few months ago with dani and tony
Obligatory Julia Bradbury picture.

I am sadly strangely drawn to the searches that lead the lost souls of the internet to this little cluttered corner. Before now it has driven me to poetry. This random list of searches put me in mind of the schedule “NUTS TV” would really like to get away with! They are all true I’ve just taken the odd “YouTUBE” out.
(With a nod to the ever splenetic Mr C Brooker)

Thursday 24th 2008

8.30-9.00 pm: “wot the best hamster food”
(Glamour models in a giant wheel fight over carrots)

9.00-9.30pm: "leotard aerobics"
(Sponsored by Nivea)

9.30-11.00 pm: Sexy British nurses pasties
Strangely compelling 1970’s pastry based sexcom starring Cheri Blair’s Dad and that Johnnie Briggs from Corrie.

11.00- Midnight : Fighting cock chopper
(Late night fun with knives)

12.00 – 1 am: Paula Prick : homemade fun with fire
(no really this might go badly wrong)

1 am – close : Tomas g friends it good si gordon filmy Can kraftwerk Tangerine
(One of the researcher’s mates gets some black leb and some kia Ora in)

HOODED CREEP pictures sea scouts of burton-on-trent” is just a Daily Mail headline
And “youtube lyrics to if the world was made of cadburys you could surf in side a chocolate tube” is just plain weird.

OH and here’s a really great thing what does your Blog look like in German heres what mines like

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