Sunday, 13 January 2008

Cabbages and Kingly living

Robber Baronesses
Interesting article in the Observer about the Russian elite today. Apparently they are moving away from bling in fashion. It's a fairly neutral piece and like a lot fashion pieces exists in a different moral and political world to rest of us.
Apparently Russian's have "always had taste for luxury" , well apart from the ones who lived in abject poverty eating cabbage for last 1000 years that is.
We are also told of the designers who include affordable items in their shops ie. hair bands that sell for £50 in a time in country where a good wage is £7,000 a year.
The obscenity of the fashion world it would seem knows no bounds and the deluded self involved nature of the uber rich never changes. In a country where the President is worth £340 Billion, it looks like it time for another revolution only this time with some real freedom and decency.

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